Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My blog has come back to life! Yay, I finally did it! This time, I hope to keep each entry a little shorter and to the point, to make it easier for any readers who may happen to find this blog interesting (and if you don't, please don't waste your time reading it, haha!). I will also more likely post an entry on a more regular basis if I know it will be short.

Hannah is now three years and seven months old, going on thirteen! She already acts like a teenager in so many ways. Stares at herself in her full-length mirror, even does the whole butt-check thing. And of course has the attitude to match. When asked once where her favorite place to live would be, her answer was, "The mall."

Her latest obsession is with dogs and babies. When she's in dog-mode, she'll get down on all fours, stick her tongue out as far as it will go, start panting, open her eyes wide, then say, "I'm a dog." Sometimes she will just stand there and stick her long tongue out and look at you with "puppy-dog eyes" and expect you to know she is now "a dog." Yesterday, a friend of mine, who makes animal costumes and realized how much Hannah liked imitating dogs, gave her a big, thick, "dog tail," which was actually red with a white tip. Hannah immediately got down on all fours, put the "tail" behind her, and started wiggling her butt to "wag" the tail.

When in baby-mode, Hannah will find her doll's tiny pacifier or some other object that resembles a pacifier and stick it in her mouth (or a real pacifier, if one is available, say... from her 21-month old cousin's mouth), find something to use as a bib and tie it around her neck, then walk around saying, "I'm a baaaay-bee." She has quite the imagination. The other day she brought me one of her barbie doll's tiny little boots and a crooked pipe cleaner and said, "Let's play ball." She gave me the barbie boot and held the pipe cleaner up like a bat, so I threw the boot to her and she tried to hit it with the pipe cleaner. What a riot she is.

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