Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is that a monkey on my back?

Sometimes Hannah's creative imagination gets her into trouble. Today while I was bending down searching through the clothes in the dryer to find her an outfit for her to wear, she tried to jump up on my back, but of course it was too high for her to do so. She kept trying, though, and saying, "It's too high!" Next thing I knew, she got real quiet and I figured she had given up and went to find something else to do. Meanwhile, I was still frantically searching through the clothes in the dryer for a matching outfit. I finally found one and was just about to stand back up, when all of the sudden I saw something out of the corner of my eye and "Uhh!" Hannah lands on my back. Well, almost. She didn't quite make it, and slid off. She had worked out in her little mind that if she stood on top of the toilet with the lid down, she could jump on my back from there (our washer and dryer are in one of our bathrooms). But she fell just short of her lofty goal, and crash landed on the floor, flailing backward and hitting her back on the toilet in the process. Thankfully, after some tears were shed and mama hugs and cuddles were given, my sweet little monkey was just fine.

She's had her share of getting hurt this week. This past weekend, she was playing with a dog and got bit twice, neither of which broke the skin, but one of which left a nice bruise next to her eye. Then on Sunday during Sunday School, she got bit hard on the arm by a boy in her class that also left a nice round bruise. On Monday, she was opening a big entrance door to the mall and the bottom corner of the door scraped and bruised her big toe, to the point of bleeding. Then there was the monkey-jump-gone-bad incident today. Hopefully that was the last of it for awhile, though I have a feeling it won't be. She is becoming quite the bold and adventurous little girl.

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