Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Toy Phone Conversation, Balloon-blowing, Inner Beauty, Screeching to Win, & Infinite Bubbles

Right now my daughter has her toy phone and is pretending to have a conversation with her daddy, who is working late tonight. This is the first time I have seen her have a pretend phone conversation that actually made sense. It is too precious. Here is what she is saying:

"Hey daddy. Working on the wood?" (his job involves working with wood)
"I go work, too, daddy."
"Daddy in the phone?"
"Train video. Ruby and Max." (she's telling him what she watched today--one was a video about trains, the other a cartoon.)
"I talking you. Dogs, T.V." (there are dogs on the T.V. right now)
"Hello. I-I-I talking you."
"Say Aruba." (Hmm, not sure what that one means.)
"Goodbye." (as she hangs up.)

Earlier today, she found a bag of balloons leftover from her 2-year birthday party and of course you know what I wound up doing next. Thankfully we have a manual balloon pumper that is easy to use. The issue came when I had to tie the dern things off with a knot. Needless to say, my fingers were getting sore and after two balloons I told her that was it. But she was so happy with those two balloons. She carried them under her arms, and insisted on taking them everywhere with her.

Then there was the moment right before getting ready to leave the house. I planned for us to go eat lunch at a sandwich shop, then head up to the mall so she could play in the play area and I could get in some walking since it's too hot here right now to go to the park. She was still in her nightshirt, so I dressed her in a cute "mall appropriate" outfit, brushed her hair, and put in barrettes. After putting in the barrettes, I smiled at her and said, "You look so pretty." She smiled back, touched her barrettes, and said, "Pretty." Then she said, "Mirror!" So I took her to the bathroom mirror, and we both smiled at how pretty she was. Then I told her, "It's nice to look pretty on the outside, but even more important is how pretty you are on the inside." She pushed her finger into her chest and nodded, saying, "Pretty inside."

While at the mall, we were in the play area and a little girl pushed my daughter, hard. She stood there for a moment looking at her, then walked towards her and gave her an ear-piercing "screech," all the while smiling that sweet smile of hers. Before I knew it, the two were playing happily together. I was so impressed with how my daughter handled that moment. Instead of getting defensive, she turned it into a game.

After returning home, my daughter found two bottles of Infinite Bubbles on the shelf and ran to tell me about it, excitedly exclaiming, "Bubbles, Mama!" It would be the first time I had ever done it with her. I bought the bottles long ago, intending to one day break them out and have fun with her, but had forgotten all about them. So I went and got them, opened up one of the bottles, and the fun began. She giggled with delight as she chased the bubbles around and around and tried to pop them or stomp on them once they were on the floor. And I think I know why they call them "Infinite" bubbles--not because you can blow lots of bubbles with each dip of the stick (though you can), but because they knew your child would want you to infinitely blow them!

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