Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Striking Resemblance

Am I the only one who has ever noticed how similar toddlers are to puppies?

Both like to stick their butts up in the air on a regular basis; both like to lick the floor; both get great joy out of chewing on (and eating) things they aren't supposed to. Both have those pee and poop accidents on the floor--or couch--or chair--or you; both eat dog food. You spend a good portion of your time them telling them both, "No!" You buy them both lots of fancy toys to play with, yet they usually insist on searching in your cabinets or closet to find their own 'toys' (haha my daughter just proved that~no kidding!); both have a fascination with your socks and shoes; both have only two speeds--super fast, or crash. Both will kiss you one second, then turn around and bite you the next, and think it's funny! Both think playing is more important than anything, even eating. Both like to run from you when you call them and think it's a game; both like to sleep in your bed.

And of course, both can use those puppy dog eyes to melt your heart, and usually do.

We could learn a lot from toddlers and puppies.

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