Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I Love About Her....

A couple of days ago, I wanted to post to my blog, but wasn't able to. So in this post I will talk about what I wanted to talk about then. The things I love about my precious little girl.

Like the after-diaper-change ritual we have, which is usually done on our bed. I'll tell her to stand up, so I can pull her pants or shorts or skirt up, and as soon as I'm finished (and many times before I finish) she will start jumping up and down as high as she can, grinning from ear to ear. I will insist she hold my hands, of course, and sometimes I will even jump up and down with her, even though I'm on the floor and she's on the bed. And I love the way she'll say, "Wuh-hoo!"

Like when she crawls through my legs, which she's been doing more of lately. I'll be standing in the kitchen, for example, doing something at the counter, and she'll get down on her hands and knees and push her head between my legs and crawl through. Sometimes she'll turn around and come back through again. I usually say, "What are you doin', girl?" and laugh at her. I have no idea why she does this, but I think it's just so cute, and I love it.

Like the way she loves her daddy. She is a 100% bonified daddy's girl, no question about it. Whenever he comes home, she rarely just runs over to him right away to hug and kiss him. Instead, she'll look for something to "show" him first, as in, "Look what I've been playing with, daddy" or she'll do some sort of "daddy dance" for him, and once he's been home a few minutes, she'll finally walk up to him and say "Daddy... hugs you," and hold her arms wide open, and once he picks her up she clings to him and her whole face relaxes as a big grin spreads across her face, an expression of relief that says, "Ahhh, all is right with my world now." My eyes are welling up with tears right now as I think about it. It just melts my heart.

Like how she loves for me to read books to her. She'll bring a book to me and throw it up in my lap, saying "Gook!" (her word for "book"). She'll giggle with delight and crawl up in my lap, and as I'm reading to her she'll hold on gently to my arms with her little hands. I love the feel of her hands on my arms. It's like she's saying to me, "Thank you for reading to me, mommy."

Like the way she sings songs with me. She sings the first verse of Amazing Grace really well. She has the most precious little voice when she sings.

Like the way she says, "Ohhhh," with her voice inflection going up high, then back down again when she sees something she likes or discovers something new, like a bug outside she's never seen before. So precious.

I could probably go on forever, but those are a few of the things I love most about her.

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